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Food industries

Dust removal filter

Material: three layer composite wire cloth, Topmesh Entstaubungsfilter-gross(1)
Processes: Plasma welding
Advantage: Inherently stable filter cylinder

Sinters for HPLC

Material: Ten-layer composite cloth, Poremet fritten-gross
Processes: Plasma welding
Advantage: Even pore distribution

Support basket for filter bags

Material: Square mesh wire cloth, flange and base, press-on bracket Druckaufnahmekorb-gross
Processes: Plasma longitudinal welding, embossing
Advantage: Pressure stable

Candle filter for gases and liquids

Material: Multi-layer fine filter cloth, stainless steel, flange kerzenfilter-gross
Processes: Grouting the flange to create a seal, roller seam welding
Advantage: Modular structure

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