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Machinery and Equipment

Dust removal filter

Material: three layer composite wire cloth, Topmesh Entstaubungsfilter-gross(1)
Processes: Plasma welding
Advantage: Inherently stable filter cylinder

Ventilation candles

Material: Five-layer composite wire cloth, Poremet Entlüftungskerzen-gross(2)
Processes: Plasma welding
Advantage: Exact pore size, large surface

Evacuation element

Material: Three-layer composite wire cloth, Topmesh Evakuierungssonde-gross
Processes: Plasma welding
Advantage: Minimal pressure differential

Filter cylinder, oil filter

Material: Square mesh wire cloth Filterzylinder Ölfilter gross
Processes: Cutting, rolling, welding
Advantage: Low differential pressure

Colour filter for paint finishing systems

Material: Composite wire cloth, two-layer, stainless steel 1.4401 Farbfilter-gross
Processes: Plasma longitudinal welding
Advantage: Easily backwashable

Filter elements

Material: Three-layer composite wire cloth, filter fineness from 20 to 80 µm  Filterelemente aus Verbundgewebe-groß
Processes: Laser cutting, roller seam welding
Application: Cooling lubricant filters, metal processing industry
Advantage: Reduced initial pressure loss, easily backwashable

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